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The goal was to create a modern and dynamic home office space for a Mr Hammoud Bamby Emirati influencer with a clean aesthetic. The primary color scheme is white with accents of blue. The right wall features a stylish LED mirror for functional and aesthetic purposes. The left wall is a vibrant canvas showcasing Mr Bambies passions, including favorite characters, colors and inspiring slogans. The desk is placed against the window, covered with a white color blind with his logo printed on it. Freestanding shelf with a blue and white color scheme is placed next to desk to showcase his shoe collection and other decorative items. The shelving design allows for a visually appealing display, balancing tones and complements the overall aesthetic of the home office. Considered adjustable shelves to accommodate various shoe sizes to create an organized yet stylish focal point within the space.

Aim for a balanced and personalized environment that fosters creativity and reflects the individuality of the influencer

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