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The classical restaurant exudes grandeur in its expansive space, characterized by high ceilings adorned
with intricate molding that imparts a sense of timeless elegance.
The walls are embellished with classical designs and decorative columns, complemented by
two colossal human figure sculptures that add a touch of artistic sophistication.

A centrally placed grand piano sets the tone for classical music, enhancing the dining experience. Rich red velvet curtains provide a luxurious backdrop,
while classical paintings adorn the walls, contributing to the overall opulence. A well-defined bar area adds a social element, featuring classical detailing and ambiance, and the self-service food section is discreetly separated by classical arched walls for an organized layout.
The restaurant is illuminated by the warm glow of grand classical chandeliers suspended from the ceiling, creating a harmonious
and regal atmosphere that beckons patrons to savor both the culinary delights and the artistic ambiance.

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