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15 Modern Apartment Interior Design to Make Your Space Feel Bigger and Brighter

UAE knows this better than anyone: in a small apartment, the best solution is to make your space feel brighter and bigger. So, how do you decorate for small spaces? While many petite apartments feel dark and cluttered, the first best thing you can do with a small space is give it a better appearance of airiness. Think of an all-white modern Apartment interior design with little clutter and texture fabrics. 

This can be easily achieved with a clever window treatment, minimal color palette, and multipurpose furniture. There are also some things to avoid, such as bulky and dark furniture, inadequate lighting, and decorative accessories. To achieve the impressive look, you will have to go of unused items and hand-me-downs that don’t fit perfectly your layout. 

Your Small Space Is About the Feel 10 Times Bigger: Read on To Learn 15 Modern Apartment Interior Design Tips for Decor Small Apartments.

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1. Paint It White

Walls are not just a trend for bright and clean spaces—they are also a trick of designers to make a room feel more open. By pairing natural colors with sleek white paint in the furniture, our impressive Apartment interior design makes this apartment feel larger without sacrificing the warmth of earthy tones. When selecting colors, stick to neutral palettes like wood, tan leather, and woven textures while keeping more colorful accents contained in Timeless Decor Ideas and artwork. 

2. Embrace Natural Light

In small spaces, simple, steer-white window shades let more light in and make the room appear bigger and brighter. Say goodbye to outdated blinds and blackout curtains that came with your apartment. Woven shades or sheer curtains still offer plenty of privacy without darkening your rooms. This is especially necessary for those in Dubai-facing windows that receive the most natural light. 

3. Create Visual Height

If your apartment ceilings are low, select a white shade pendant light that would not visually clutter your small space. Even adding visual height without creating more living space draws the eye up to make an area feel more significant. Because this light fixture blends into the ceiling, the small room feels airy from top to bottom. 

4. Reflect With Mirrors

Another long-lasting apartment interior design trick by professional interior designers is using mirrors in small spaces. By bouncing natural shiny lights across the small room, cleverly large mirrors make your space appear more significant when working with low-light areas. Armando’s interior design matches the fireplace mirror finish to the coffee table for a uniform and elegant vibe in this Stylish Room Transformations. 

5. Layer Lighting

Layered lighting combines an overhead source with impressive lights at eye level, like sconces, lamps, and unique table pieces. In this upper east side space, to create visual interest, interior designers only use uniform sphere-shaped lights at varying levels. A globe lamp brightens the small room’s darker corner while hanging large mirrors and pendants, bringing attention to tall ceilings. 

6. Keep It Clear

Choose clear furniture that can virtually disappear in the small room. Pieces made of lucite, acrylic, and glass all add an element of class with a sleek finish and shiny surfaces. Pair clear furniture with your favorite natural accents and colorful decor for a look that spruces up those tricky corners without standing out against bright walls. 

7. Opt For the Open Shelving

Rather than hiding your dinnerware behind outdated cabinet doors, we suggest stripping the hardware down and installing open shelving on upper cabinets. Open shelves give the appearance of additional heights and make your space feel larger. In this Kitchen design dubai by Armando Interior, natural wood shelves replace upper cabinets for an airy feeling. 

8. Forget the Table

If you don’t have a particular room for a dining table, use a comfortable stool to create cozy and attractive island seating in the kitchen. Not only does an island allow you to tuck the stool inside when it is not in use, but it also adds another unique cooking surface for small kitchens with limited spaces. Apartment interior designers match this island with other wood details in the small room to warm up the white wall and save space with stools after creating plenty of surface area. 

9. Go Green

You don’t need a green thumb to add attractive greenery to your space. In Apartments that lack those leafy, lush views, incorporating plants in your interiors brings the outdoors inside. If you are not the plant parent type, choose the faux leaves stage in outstanding vases for a touch of color without the upkeep. 

10. Use Minimal Bathroom Colors

Minimise the colour scheme in a small bathroom. Even if you like to go bold with a single tone, ensure that other accents in the room, like the vanity, floor mats, and towel storage, are simple. In this bathroom by Armando Interiors, white tiled walls complement a dark vanity and natural wood mirror without overwhelming the space with color. 

11. Lighten Up with Linens

We suggest keeping all your linens white to make your bathroom feel and look like a five-star hotel. When working with white rooms, mixing different textures for visual effects is also helpful, like pairing fluffy rugs with sheet curtains and sleek towels. In this bathroom by Armando Interior design, built-in cabinets create a small space perfect for displaying white linens alongside a hand towel rack. 

12. Incorporate Matching Hardware

In bathrooms with neutral color schemes, add a touch of attractive color to the hardware to add an impressive-looking flair. Use gold accents and antique brass in your hardware and lighting to make the space more layered and luxurious. Simple tones like marbled tile, a bit of greenery, and white walls pair well together for an attractive vibe that would not feel busy. 

13. Make Multi-Use Areas

If you are working remotely, try creating a multipurpose office and dining area with clever storage and accessorizing. In this clever use of space by Armanda’s interior, a nook in the corner of the living room can serve as a comfortable office bench and family dining table. The space is kept practical for multiple uses while being brightened by plush pillows and pendant lighting.

14. Be Bold

Don’t worry if your home office isn’t large enough to take up a whole room. There are still many other ways to embrace color without making it feel overwhelming. If you can’t live without those vibrant, bright hues, keep your palette to a minimum. In this Luxury office design by Armando, a monochrome tone cleverly blends seating with painted bookshelves for a pop of personality that still feels uniform.

15. Store Higher, Not Wider

To maximise the height of your room and arrange your books, use wall-mounted storage. White double bookshelves provide storage options and a sleek, modern aesthetic to this home office. Add pops of natural and greenery tones throughout the shelving to bring color together for an overall dynamic look.

Warp Up

That brings us to the end of the Apartment interior design style guide. We have something special for everyone- from people who love inviting rustic, organic components of nature to their small apartments to those looking for something more edgy and Modern Home Furnishings. And even for those who want to create a sanctuary of calm in the bustling city of Dubai, UAE, and those who wish to bring distinct creativity and originality to their home, we have it all. So, what are you waiting for? Pick out your style & get ready to turn the vision of your dream home into reality.