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Best Interior Designers in the United Arab Emirate You Should Checkout

Known for its ultra-modern, glamorous design, luxury shopping, and exclusive lifestyle, the UAE has one of the world’s most adored interior design industries. With this wonderful context in mind, ideas and inspiration have chosen the best interior designers in UAE who bring more grandeur to this blooming country with their luxury projects!

Let’s explore this article to find the best interior designers from the United Arab Emirates.

1. Armando Interior Design

Armando Interior Design, the top interior designer in Dubai, UAE, stands out with its profound understanding of unique design challenges. It tackles them with a multi-talented team and unparalleled professional knowledge. The company’s comprehensive range of services spans hospitality interior design, corporate interior design, and residential design. What sets it apart is its outstanding luxury apartment design solutions, which are deeply rooted in the cultural and social fabric of the communities they serve.

Armando Interior Design

2. 4Spaces

4Spaces interior designer are experts in handling the challenges of luxury design within Dubai by utilizing the unmatched skills and experience of a broad team of professional interior designers in UAE. Working under the direction of professionals like Amjad Hourieh and Firas Alsahin, they have over 15 years of experience in interior design for various industries, including retail, hospitality, commercial, and residential.

4space Interior

3. Muse Design

As one of Dubai’s best interior design companies, they are highly proficient in creating interior masterpieces. Their professional interior designer Dubai is always looking forward to creating residential and office designs and designs for other spaces, including kitchens, bathrooms, rooms, and many more, with extensive customer satisfaction.

Muze Interior Design

4. Aedas Interiors

Aedas Interiors offers world-class interior design services, from corporate to residential and hospitality. Their ideas are created by a team of 190 interior designers UAE. With the 1100 creative minds with design studios across the globe, create world-class design solutions with deep social and cultural understanding. 

Aedas Interiors

5. Artizan Interior Design

The next top interior design company in Dubai offers top design services, can provide world-class solutions for your indoor space, and will solve every problem the customer comes up with. They have luxurious equipment within our hands, like sunbeds, tables for dining, loveseats, and much more. 

Artizan Interior Design

6. Anarchitect

Are you looking for the best interior design company in UAE? Anarchitect offers the best services, having received several awards for its architecture, interior architecture, and design practices based in Dubai. They create interior design for various spaces, such as residential, leisure, hospitality, and workplaces.

Anarchitect Interior

7. Gaj

Operating for 30 years, they have a team of professional interior designers UAE to design a perfect interior for your homes, offices, and much more. Their experts are experienced in industries like hotel, education, leisure, residential, and commercial sectors.

Gaj Interior

8. Belhasa Interior

Belhasa Interiors is rated as one of the best interior design firms in the United Arab Emirates. Renowned Dubai-based design studio Belhasa Interiors, a branch of SBH, is known for its inventiveness, sustainability, and adaptability. Belhasa Interiors has successfully designed and managed over 50 remarkable projects for residential, commercial, and governmental clients, totalling over 200 projects in diverse locations, by utilizing extensive regional resources. The Mercato Mall Chocolate Bar, Studio 8 on Dubai Mall Fashion Avenue, Money Kick’s Headquarters, and yachts at So are some of its noteworthy projects.

Belhasa Interior

9. Paul Bishop

Bishop Design LLC was founded in 2004 by Paul Bishop and has continuously completed projects throughout the MENA area and beyond. Focusing on well-thought-out design ideas, in-depth product expertise, and economical implementation, the studio has successfully coordinated and supervised the completion of multiple international projects.

Paul Bishop Interior

10. Abanos

Abanos is one of the UAE’s most reliable and extensive joinery and holistic interior fit-out companies. Its goal is to deliver tailor-made and high-quality projects, all fabricated at its ultra-modern production facilities. Established in 1985, the company has expanded steadily and now operates throughout the UAE, GGC, and globally!

Abanos Interior

11. Al Manzool Interiors

In the early 1990s, Al Manzool Interiors, founded by engineer Eman Orphally and based in Abu Dhabi, was a medium-sized architectural, full-service, leading planning and Interior Design Company. Al Manzool is a client-focused, responsive firm that offers classy products ranging from lighting and furniture to high-quality architectural and interior design services to its esteemed clients in the commercial, residential, and corporate sectors.

Al-Manzool Interiors

12. Alec Fitout

Alec Fitout is part of the Alec group, which focuses on 5-star resorts and hotels and provides complete interior solutions, fulfilling engineering, design-build, project management, and value engineering needs. Their professional interior designers in Dubai deliver refurbishment and high-quality fit-out solutions.

Alec Fitouto Interior

13. Al Huzaifa

Perfectionists to the core, passionate about design, and relentlessly seeking out new materials, possibilities, ideas, and trends, the dedicated design team comprises 16+ motivated and highly qualified interior designers UAE who have worked on some of the most challenging interior design projects and have dazzling records of efficiency and success.

Al-Huzaifa Interior

14. Algedra

If you are searching for leading interior design companies in Dubai, Algedra is the company to choose from. One of Dubai’s top interior design firms, its creations perfectly capture the opulence and upscale lifestyle of the city. Algedra ensures its customers have a unique, noble, sophisticated villa interior design. Modern, luxurious, classic, and contemporary designs are all featured in Algedra’s design projects, making an amazing first impression on guests and visitors.

15. Arabian Company

Since 1967, the late founder, Ali Baslaib, has been working on homes and office interiors. Today, they stand firmly and are higher with more than 40 companies and affiliated organizations. They have already received a lot of praise and awards for their outstanding design and quality of services. 

16. Arco Interiors

Arco Interiors provides complete turnkey interior design, fit-out, and furnishings services. The company specializes in comprehensive interior solutions. With the help of efficient engineers, architects, and interior designer UAE, they successfully translate customer conceptions into projects that combine functionality and beauty.

17. Al-Bayaty

Dr. Muthanna Al-Bayaty founded Bayaty Architects in 1978, and since then, it has grown into a unique multidisciplinary practice. Facilitating and furthering the fulfilment of design ambitions, Bayaty Architects serves as a design and engineering consultant for architects and engineers.

18. Black Vogelkop

Black Vogelkop is an interior design, fit-out, and restoration specialist that serves significant developments as well as customized projects for well-known businesses in the United Arab Emirates. Their dedicated team of interior designers UAE strongly emphasizes quality and utility, working closely with clients to guarantee a professional approach from project conception to project completion. 

19. Bluehaus Group

Bluehaus Group is a well-known design consulting company that offers customers and partners experience and innovation in architectural, interior, and engineering design services. With fifteen years of experience in the field, this renowned consultancy has steadily grown, forging long-lasting alliances with well-known international and local organizations, as well as their brands, in the Middle East, Africa, and beyond.

20. Bond Interior

All of it began with a small professional interior designer Dubai team of engineers with the same simple objective: to give clients the best fit-out solutions precisely as instructed and by the deadline. As of right now, Bond Interior has successfully completed over 2,500 projects in the UAE. With over 2,000 workers and offices throughout the UAE, China, India, and the Philippines, this premium interior fit-out company is among the biggest in the Emirates.

Bond Interior

21. Cherwell Interior

Its well-crafted furnishings and design accents distinguish a unique interior design project. The talented team of interior designers at Cherwell are exceptional at designing rooms and creating custom furniture for homes. Cherwell creates bespoke furniture for various rooms in houses and workplaces; they are especially well-known for their gorgeous kitchens, dressing rooms, and custom woodwork. 

Cherwell Interior

22. Caspaiou's Design and Interior

The philosophy of Casapaiou Design & Interior is to create an earthy, minimalistic and understanding luxury design atmosphere rather than follow easy trends. As a leading contemporary interior designer Dubai studio, they deliver timeless yet modern concepts in their appeal.

23. D&D Est.

At the beginning of the new millennium, D&D Est. was established. Based on a unique understanding of the world’s architecture, it is creating plans for the finest palaces and buildings and the latest findings of decoration science and luxury design worldwide. Today, the D&D Interior Designers Dubai professional team is managed by engineers, administrators, and highly skilled technicians in its departments. 

24. Depa Interiors

Depa group delivers commercial (retail and offices), hospitality, economic infrastructure, marine and yachts, social infrastructure, low-rise and high-rise residential, and aircraft projects in North Africa and the Middle East, Asia, North America, and Europe. Their team of expert interior designers UAE has proudly set standards of excellence in the implementation of interior design, as proven by the delivery of the most iconic projects in Asia, the Middle East, and many other regions.

25. Perkins + Will

They were established in 2010 by Diane Thorsen and Steven Charlton. Their elegant designs exhibit a passion for excellence, a mastery of workmanship, and rigorous attention to detail for mixed-use developments, multinational offices, and hotels. User-centric design, sustainability, and extensive research are given top priority in Perkins + Will’s revolutionary project delivery process, which shapes the firm’s award-winning designs and methodology.

Perkins Interior

26. Dewan Architechs + Engineers

For almost three decades, Dewan Architechs + Engineers has been at the forefront of the Middle East’s booming engineering and architectural design sector. In 1984, the current chairman, managing director, and founder established the first Dewan office in Abu Dhabi. In 1988, it completed Dewan’s high-rise commercial project, cementing Dewan’s presence as the best interior designer in UAE architectural scene.

27. Etcetera Living Interior Design

Etcetera Living Interior Design takes a hands-on approach, working closely with their UAE clients every step of the way. At the time of the first meeting with their lovely clients, they take time to understand their needs and vision for their living spaces.

Etcetera Living Interior Design

28. Emaar Properties

If you are searching for real estate development companies in Dubai, Emaar Properties is the go-to solution for you. With its proven competencies in shopping malls, hospitality, properties, retail, and leisure, Emaar, focusing on design excellence, shapes Dubai’s lifestyles, building quality, and timely delivery.

Emaar Properties

29. Falcon Interior Decoration

Falcon Interior Decoration is a leading fit-out and interior design contracting company based in Dubai with an outstanding reputation for offering quality, extraordinary, and innovative designs and services across all fit-out and interior design solutions, such as residential, commercial, joinery, and hospitality. Their top interior designers in UAE handle every single project and provide complete turnkey solutions for any interior fit-out projects.

Falcon Interior Decoration

30. Havelock One Interiors

Since 1998, Havelock One Interiors and its dedicated interior designer UAE team have become one of the most famous manufacturers of high-quality joinery, turnkey fit our contractors, sophisticated shop fittings, and decorative metal works in the Middle East. 

Havelock One Interiors

Are you inspired by the top interior designers UAE? Contact the best interior designer Dubai, like Armando Interiors.

Much more than an interior designer, Armando Interior is one of this generation’s most talented and promising tastemakers. Become the perfect choice for many celebrities and discerning clients who admire raw yet refined style. Their dedicated interior designers UAE love to add a good pop of colour to a room. Sometimes more daring, occasionally subtle—but always charming and relaxed!