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Stylish and Sophisticated Contemporary Design Solutions - Everything You Need To Know

The professional team of architects, engineers and interior designers at Armando Interior is dedicated to achieving excellent design standards in their quest to execute outstanding creative concepts. The company is committed to continually developing its understanding of design principles while practicing what it explains as the scientific art of interior design. Their mission is to design a polished finished product that delights the customer’s soul and heart while achieving the utmost practicality.

Established in 2012, Armando Interior takes pride in our idea of delivering eye-catching design concepts across a wide selection of commercial and residential projects. Our mission is to make the most of every space, providing an aesthetically and healthy pleasing environment tailor-made to every client. To achieve the best and according to client’s demands, they focus on working with their believable clients, listening to their goals and aspirations, and then, with their expertise, changing them into a perfect interior that best suits bests with their clients’ ideals and tastes best and comfortable design process, always pay close attention to detail throughout every stage of each project. At the same time, keep in mind budget limitations.

What Is Contemporary Residential Interior Design?

Our expert interior designers are inspired to design spaces of calmness. This means clean lines and thoughtful touches of bold colors to create warm, simple, sophisticated spaces. The contemporary design solution is specified by certain essentials that set the right tone and define its nature for your preferred style.

Contemporary Residential Interior Design

Common Contemporary Design Solutions

  1. Colors: When you think contemporary, think grays, neutrals, black and white with bold accents and a punch of bright color.
  2. Lines and Spaces: Clean, straight lines are the foundation of any contemporary residential interior design. Whether horizontal, curved, or vertical, various geometric shapes instantly create a contemporary feel with a big personality.
  3. Furniture: Our professional designers look for excellent furniture pieces that make bold and simple statements without disrupting the clean feel and smoothness of the room; the furniture could be neutral colors with added pillows and textures for cleaner shapes and lines. When it comes to furniture, it is helpful to always keep in mind that less is more.
  4. Flooring: When it comes to contemporary residential design, keeping with the theme that less is more, we choose floors that are sleek and smooth, like vinyl, tile, wood, or tile, while utilizing some carpets and rugs for added warmth and texture.
  5. Lighting:Recessed and track lighting, as well as spotlights, are essential factors when it comes to putting together your new contemporary interior design. Light helps add sophistication and accent décor in the space.
  6. Art and accessories: Accessories, such as primary art pieces, are an excellent way to add depth to any space.

What Are The Elements Of Contemporary Design?

Clean lines, minimalism, and natural materials are all current signs of contemporary design solutions. Contemporary design can be hard to pin down because it does not refer to a particular era. it evolves as time goes on, always staying in the present moment. 20 years back contemporary interiors were not similar to today’s contemporary spaces, and future contemporary décor will look excellent as it does now.

So, what does it take to design streamlined contemporary interiors that are both playful and sophisticated?

Here are seven unique ways to make your home look and feel more contemporary:

1. Set a Serene, Neutral Scene.

Empty spaces do not just define contemporary style as it is by the curated objects within the space; contemporary interior design demands a neutral canvas, naturally bright and hues, earth, crisp whites set the tonal scene for contemporary décor, while charcoal black defines a 21st-century space and used to ground.

The neutral scene-setting continues with smooth, bare flooring. Contemporary design favors tile, luxury vinyl flooring, or tile over carpeting wherever possible; use geometric or plain-patterned area rugs to add texture, warmth, and color.

2. Energize With Pops of Color

Contemporary spaces can feel modern, well-edited, and minimalistic, but they are not bland. A neutral palette is an excellent backdrop for the bright, bold pops of color that are so central to the contemporary aesthetic.

Whether you introduce eye-catching accessories or rich jewel tones through a vivid accent wall, oversized ottoman, or textural area rugs, color sets contemporary neutrality into motion.

3. Feature Sculptural Lighting

While versatile track lighting, recessed lighting, and slender metallic floor lamps all have their place in contemporary spaces, the brightening lighting trend in contemporary design revolves around statement-making light fixtures, specifically large-scale sculptural fixtures that carry as much aesthetics weight and draw the eye as a beautiful piece of original artwork.

4. Highlight Material and Structure

The bare structure and material of modernism are also the key to contemporary design solutions, which often use steel pillars, exposed beams, and concrete or brick walls.

Reflective surfaces like metal and glass are as welcome as wood surfaces and natural stone. Contemporary artists and furniture designers also use these materials to push the boundary between art, functional pieces, and sculpture.

5. Choose Bold Furnishings

Contemporary furnishing has many commonalities with modern pieces; neither is overwrought or fussy, and both clean lines favor strong. However, modern furniture stays firmly in the streamlined lane. Contemporary furnishing is unafraid to embrace more organic silhouettes and a little curvier.

Contemporary furniture design favors simple natural cushioning that adds textural appeal, like linen or wool, and fringe, stuns fringe, floral, and other extra details. If you want to incorporate bold contemporary prints, use them sparingly on a throw pillow. Besides, exposed legs are preferred, especially when made of stainless steel, shiny nickel, or chrome.

6. Keep It Uncluttered and Open

For one simple reason, contemporary design favors open floors. The space or negative space that is not occupied by artwork, structural elements, and furnishings is just as necessary as the items that define the space and have been chosen to fill it.

As contemporary décor is not 100% minimalistic, it supports the central design concept that less is more. To that end, floor space and walls are uncluttered, windows tend to be bare, and every piece and object of furniture has been carefully considered.

7. Embrace Contemporary Art

With a neutral foundation, restrained finishes, clean silhouettes, and mindful attention to editing and space, contemporary interiors are excellent backdrops for showcasing emerging, current, and otherwise exciting new artists. Colorful or bold artwork stands on its own in a sea of neutrals.

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