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Our Functional Home Layouts & Floor Plan that Everyone Loves

Everyone deserves to live in their dream house, a house that meets their needs. Designing a Functional Home Layout is a unique decorating and architectural approach that prioritizes function so the owner can get the most out of their living spaces. Armando Interior designs the best Functional Home Layouts to fulfill the requirements with unique and attractive designs of the modern world.

In this article, we explore the meaning of functional home layouts, their advantages, and how to achieve them. Have a look to understand how this concept can enhance living in your next home.

Key Takeaway

  • Prioritizes how owners are required to tailor spaces to their lifestyles.
  • Smart technology makes your daily life easier by centralizing control of home appliances.
  • Arrange Double-duty furniture is a simple way to turn a room into a multipurpose space.
  • Functional storage solutions enhance organization without cluttering rooms.

What Is Functional Home Layouts?

Are you searching for the answer to the question, “What does a functional home look like?” if you review 99 examples, you will see 99 different floor plans. No single functional home layouts exists because final functional home layouts conform to the owner’s needs and desires. Our Luxury apartment designers say functional homes are where space is utilized smartly and are well-optimized. Most of the functional home layouts are based on the principle of minimalism. However, minimalism is a design in which houses should not fill themselves with unnecessary items, and all the utilities should be of minimal use. It believes in simplicity.

What Is Functional Home Layouts

In this situation, the need is for a decluttered home with lots of comfortable living conditions and space, known as functional home layouts. A family of little kids will require furniture, various storage, and room arrangements than an individual with multiple crafting hobbies.

As a result, the first step in designing a functional home layout depends on your lifestyle:

  • Who shares the residence with you?
  • What is your favorite room you spend the most time in?

What do you do to spend most of your time?

Answering these questions helps the designers to identify where to focus your renovation efforts and what kind of space you require. You may need to rethink in functional home layout to design your dream home.

As a Leading Interior design company in Dubai, UAE, we recognize the increasing demand for functional home design trends in Dubai and all of the Middle East, and due to this, we incorporate the philosophy into our construction. The result is a house that is easy to customize, which can be essential for homeowners and multi-generational families planning to age in place.

10 tips to make the Best Functional Home Layouts Design

Creative, functional home layout designs make rooms multipurpose. For example, you can quickly turn your garage into a hangout spot and storage space. The trick is selecting the right furniture and layout.

If you are working remotely but don’t have any particular room to consider a home office, then you can apply the same idea to turn your living room and kitchen nook into an efficient workspace. In this situation, a private room is needed to create privacy, such as strategically placed bookshelves and portable screens to divide the space.

Functional home layouts also incorporate accessibility; one with disabilities face difficulties in finding housing that benefits them, turning what should be a haven into a maze. Open floor plans and broader hallways are excellent examples, as they allow individuals with mobility issues and wheelchairs to use the space conveniently and safely.

A functional home, built with proper layout design does not require massive renovations. You can easily make your residence more practical with minor changes to organization and décor.

1. Plan a perfect layout

When designing an open floor plan like the main living spaces in most homes made by Armando Interior, we suggest creating visual separation, finding a focal point, using cohesive material and colors, and designing an easy flow. However, the first three tactics we mentioned are more about looks; when it comes to functionality, finding the proper view for your lovely home can make all the difference.

Plan a perfect layout

Before planning perfectly functional home layouts, consider how your family uses each room and how they move throughout the house. Creating an open and clean path of travel that isn’t crowded by furniture creates a flow that will make the most of your open floor plan large. For families, it is essential to keep extremely high-traffic areas around shared bathroom entryways clear from obstacles and hallways leading to bedrooms and utility rooms.

2. Create a Compelling Entryway

When it comes to the entryway, remember your entryway speaks the overall look of your house. The spot in the house breaks and makes your family’s morning schedule and routine. No matter how early you wake up the kids or how much you prepare the night before, sometimes it seems impossible to get out of the house on time during the school year. An organized entryway is one way to make your and your school-aged children’s mornings easier.

Create a Compelling Entryway

It depends on which floor plan you choose; Armando’s interior creative ideas make it simple to designate a place for each family member to keep their essential place organized. To the utility room, add a mud bench; simply use one of the existing closed or just inside the front door. Once you are settled on a space, it will be a special drop zone for kids to store instrument cases. Backpacks, school supplies, sports equipment, and more. This saves you time for searching and scrambling for what you need in the early morning before getting ready for school- it also offers an allotted place for hand sanitizer and masks.

A compelling entryway can keep coats, purses, dirty shoes, pet leashes, and more at bay so they are not dispersed throughout your home.

3. Incorporate Smart Technology

You may think that smart technology is just like a phone, no not at all manufacturers right now incorporate online capabilities into various appliances:

  • Oven
  • Refrigerators
  • Dishwashers
Incorporate Smart Technology

This modern technology can alert homeowners when they require maintenance and even how to adjust their functions to boost efficiency. The best way is to connect them with the hub, usually a virtual assistant. Besides convenience, you can also install smart home furniture. One common example of a thermostat that you can easily adjust on your phone. However, lighting is another essential upgrade due to the various features remote access provides:

  • Turn off lights in other rooms
  • Adjust brightness
  • Set to motion-activated

Connecting all your essential smart technology to a single hub lets you easily monitor your home security and energy use. You can also check your bell book property on vacation or at work if you have internet access.

4. Give Every Room a Purpose

While we welcome open-plan living, it is still essential to define each space of your home and give it a proper purpose. This can be done by using lightning, furniture décor, and accessories in the perfect way that makes sense for the goal of your bedroom. However, if you are planning to use one of your bedrooms as a home office where you work remotely, invest in the accents and furniture you need to work for home productivity. In your home office room, hang eye-catching art on the wall that inspires you. Don’t allow interference like kids, toys, and television, and place a comfortable desk chair that easily lets you spend your long office hours.

Give Every Room a Purpose

On the other hand, if the room you will use is a kid’s space, avoid putting your favorite exercise equipment and furniture in there. By offering every room planned purpose, it would not become a dead space for small or random items that are difficult to fit anywhere else

5. Make Spaces Multipurpose

On the other hand, we know which part of your home suits you best for creating functional home layouts for your family-especially since the COVID-19 home meant to many people- is creating the most space you have. So, if you want to use your home area for multiple purposes, the first priority is smart design.

Make Spaces Multipurpose

Once you understand what you need to use a room for, your next step is to make a plan that allows you to have a cohesive yet separate space. If it is a home gym or home office, make sure there is enough area to do a workout without bumping into the chair or desk. Moreover, including shelves or any other organization system that makes it simple to keep things, limit distractions, and tidy.

6. Stick To a Decluttering And Cleaning Schedule

Decluttering And Cleaning Schedule

If you want to keep your home tidy, we recommend you use the simplest ways to eliminate the chaos of having a busy family. Assign weekly, daily, and monthly chores to every member of your family. Doing floor mopping, making beds, picking up toys, cleaning windows, vacuuming, washing dishes, and scrubbing down the bathroom can make your functional home layouts more livable. Cleaning out every couple of months, whether it’s paper products, toys, kitchen pantry, or clothes, helps as well.

7. Select Functional Furniture

Select Functional Furniture

Nothing looks worse than placing furniture in a home that just doesn’t suit your lifestyle perfectly. Furniture is a big part of the house and gets a lot of daily use, especially if you have pets or kids. Avoid choosing items that have a material and color. You will be constantly tense about getting ruined. Instead, pick out a fabric that can hold up to the tear and wear of daily life in a color that can hide some discoloration and stains.  

8. Extend Living to the Outdoors

Extend Living to the Outdoors

When you and your family member’s daily routine starts getting repetitive, a manageable change of scenery can help a family member take a break out of a rut. Armando’s interior comes standard with outdoor living space, either with a front porch, back porch, or both. A sturdy outdoor dining set with a black patio can become an area to enjoy meals with your lovely family, plan to host game nights, do homework, or have a quiet and fantastic seat to enjoy your coffee before the beginning of a hectic day. Customization options provide extended back for even space, and every Armando interior home comes equipped with an outdoor fireplace and media hookups- making it simple to design an additional living room outside.

9. Utilize Smart Home Technology

Your new home, prepared by the team of Armando Interior, comes with the latest and innovative smart home technologies to adjust irrigation, stay secure, and control temperature. We not only do these but also take some more responsibilities off your plate; our expert designers also help families save precious money in the long run.

Utilize Smart Home Technology

Our designers prepare your new home with the latest healthy and smart home technology. These features help adjust irrigation, control temperatures, stay secure, and make the air transparent as you go about your day- all from a smartphone and a digital alarm panel. Not only does this take the worry off your shoulders and take a few responsibilities, but it also helps you save precious money on utilities in the long run with energy-saving automation.

10. Be Prepared With a Safety Feature

Be Prepared With a Safety Feature

With video features and security, Armando interior smart home technologies can make homeowners’ minds easy. Still, there is another added feature in our home that many families across Dubai, UAE, are thankful for. We don’t focus on putting a price on your family’s safety; that’s why we add storm-safe storm shelter in every single home we design at no extra cost. However, this may not affect the functionality of your home daily routine.

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Armando Interior makes the process of planning functional home layouts easier without interactive floor plan ideas and tools. Once you decide which floor plan suits you and your family best, you can go through these customization options and look at the most minor changes that can considerably impact your home.

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