Armando Interior

Modern European Style Interior Ideas in the Middle East

Armando Interior accepted the challenge of bringing the attractive and unique European-style interior design taste into our luxury penthouse in Dubai. First and foremost, we arranged a tour of our best Italian showrooms and manufacturers so that our clients could explore different finishes, styles, materials, and details to determine better the design path they wanted to follow.

After the project’s complete presentation, including 360 render views, mood boards, and a VR walkthrough amination, our beloved clients sat back, relaxed, and waited for the keys to their dream homes.

Apartment - European style interior.

Kitchen And Living Room

The living space, which exudes harmony and cosiness in every element, is the focal point and fundamental to the design. Similarly, the kitchen is becoming the hub of attention in the house. As a result, we created an open kitchen and living space that makes it easy for friends and family to be together and chat without the host having to turn away. The carefully chosen lighting, materials, and colours enhance a home’s overall unified design aesthetic in the European style interior.

Main Bathroom and Bedroom

A quiet, private realm removed from the daily commotion. We employed deeper hues, plush fabrics, and subdued lighting in the room’s design to evoke a sense of calm after a long day. The glass wall separating the room from the wardrobe embraces a European style interior, allowing natural light to expand and improve the sense of depth.

Family Studio and Room

Are you organising a pajama party, a movie night, or an online gaming session? Not to worry! The family has this space in the house all to themselves—a separate studio with a lounge, guest bathroom, and bathroom of its own. You can divide this self-sufficient portion based on your needs. It has the appeal of an interior designed in the European manner, with green hues, a vertical garden, access to the terrace, and floral wallpapers that provide the illusion of a winter garden.

Bathrooms and Bedrooms

Two separate universes, each with all the features required to guarantee total privacy. The material selections and colour palettes give each room a unique feel that reflects the individuality of the occupants. This method enhances the uniqueness of each area by embracing an interior design in the European style interior.


Two distinct universes, each with every feature needed to ensure complete anonymity. Thanks to the material and colour schemes chosen, every room has a distinct vibe that represents the personalities of the people who live there. This method enhances the distinctiveness of each space by embracing in the European style interior design.