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Sustainable Home Decor Ideas To Make Your Living Spaces Eco-Friendly

Are you dreaming of making your home or Living Spaces eco-friendly? Looking to decorate your home with sustainable and ethically made goods? There is no need to sacrifice your style for monotonous finishes or neutral colors.

Right now, you will find a comprehensive range of Sustainable Home Decor products to fit from the exquisite to simplest design tastes.

When decorating a home, everyone loves having a combination of vintage decor mixed in with fair trade. For beautifully decorated baskets and stunning ceiling mobiles, there is something for every aesthetic you dream of creating in your home.

You can even find unique rugs and wall art to tie the room together. There is not a special time you need to wait to move toward a more sustainable Living Spaces.

Now, as we are quickly open to innovation in making sustainability more diverse, convenient, affordable, and beautiful, it become simple to make our luxury living spaces more environmentally sustainable.

In this article, you will find the ways to validate and understand your choice of sustainable home Decor products:

  1. Why use Sustainable home decor?
  2. What makes home Decor sustainable?
  3. Our pick for eco-friendly 11 Sustainable Home Decor brands
  4. Choose Our Substantial Home Decor Service To Add The Right Interior Products

Why use Sustainable Home Decor?

We used to focus on making our spaces welcoming and warm. Now this focus also includes outstanding measures, making our Sustainable Living Spaces conscious and safe for our life on the planet.

When it comes to Sustainable Home Decor, the environment may take up the most conversation. There are three main pillars of Sustainable Living Spaces: economic, social, and environmental; using Sustainable Home Decor is simply more than simply doing what suits the environment best; using the best product to sustain human existence on the planet most pleasantly. Here, we share some reasons why using sustain is the best choice for you and your family.

Reason #1: Your Good Health & Your Family

Sustainability is nothing more than just striving to guard our planet’s resources, enabling us to live life as we know it for the years to come. Sustainable home Decor products are built with 100% safe materials for your health, which not only impact you directly, such as airborne chemicals, but also indirectly by generating excess waste or polluting residual waters to the environment, to name a few.

Reason #2: Your Mental Wellbeing

Selecting sustainable home Decor products inspired by natural features incredibly positively impacts your feeling of well-being. Growing evidence shows both passive and active contracts with nature offer emotional, social, and psychological benefits.

Reason #3: Supporting Sustainable Businesses

Beyond making the world an excellent place, encouraging sustainable business can help these companies achieve excellent impact, and also grow to scale. This results in more competition, with giant corporations competing with a great focus on profit and similar products as an element of success.

What Makes Home Decor Sustainable?

When adding the brands to this list, we looked for a couple of things. Firstly, what material is used in making a product? We want to make clients sure that everything brought to your house by our side is made from nontoxic, recycled, or natural materials.

Secondly, by whom these products are made? Ethics play an essential role in sustainability here, and our designers only add brands with high regard for their makers. Among these brands, many partners with master artisans to support traditional crafts; few have fair trade certificates.

And, of course, always use what you have, and shopping secondhand is very sustainable!

Our Pick for Eco-Friendly 11 Sustainable Home Decor Brands

There is nothing that makes the feel of a house more like a home than filling it with the simple things that speak stress of self-expression and sentiment and the people we love. When sourcing these precious items, it can often take a bit of effort, time, and some drawn-out shipping tips.

We make your search for Sustainable Home Decor a bit easier by featuring eleven of our lovely home Decor brands that promise sustainable production, ethical sourcing, and giving back to artisan communities. Our complete guide discloses the fantastic collection of our designers. Our dedicated designers use these catchy and attractive products for happy home decorating to all!

1. Made Trade

Categories| Blankets, Planters, Pillows, Rugs, Baskets, Curtains, Wall Decor

This online Sustainable Home Decor product brand is inviting, lovely, and wonderfully organized to look through! Made trade includes various sizes, styles, values, and price points, so you will surely fall in love no matter where you are in your sustainable journey. They ensure that these sustainable products cover one or more value, heritage, fair trade, vegan, and USA-made. Next to the product, each value has a symbol, so you can easily understand what value it falls under.

Made Trade

2. Saffron Marigold

Categories| Bed Lines, Tea Light Holders, Curtains, Table Linens and Candles

Do you like the hang art of wood painting on your wall? Then saffron marigold, a fair trade, a professional handcrafted textile company, produces attractive boho chic home accessories and Decor! From uniquely hand-painted candles to beautifully painted curtains, the best brand of saffron marigold will surely bring lots of character to your home.

Their fabric is accurately works of art! They partner with dedicated fair trade Indian artisans who only use eco-friendly materials in their products for low-energy production and local source techniques.

The expert makers prefer natural fibers like reclaimed, low-impact, upcycled material, cotton, and natural dyes. However, all their Sustainable Home Decor products are made on the demand of customers and in small batches to reuse the waste production.

Saffron Marigold

3. Ten Thousand Villages

Categories| Rugs, Baskets, Wall Art, Frames

For over 70 years, ten thousand villages have been putting people and the planet first. It is not just a store; this market-to-market movement connects everyone to some of the most talented and expert artisans worldwide.

Our purchase keeps crafts original and directly contributes to sustainable livelihoods. Every Sustainable Living Spaces product you find at this marketplace celebrates the planet and culture, so you know that no one is compromised for the other.

Ten Thousand Villages

4. Parachute

Categories| Pillows, Rugs, and Throws

This brand carries a collection of Decor items. These Sustainable Living Spaces items are made in limited runs and crafted for both comfort and style. They use materials like New Zealand cotton and wool, cashmere, Peruvian alpaca, and ceramic. Their Decor feels and looks so luxurious. However, almost everything is calmly handmade by artisans, and you feel like you are getting a unique product.


5. Uncommon Goods

Categories| Lights, Nick Nacks, Clocks, Rags and More

Uncommon Goods has some of the most unique and fun items for your home. Lots of Sustainable Home Decor products of uncommon goods are crafted by independent makers and use unconventional and recycled materials. All the product makers are certified B Crop and are paid more than the minimum wage. Moreover, this is also an excellent place to find customized housewarming gifts, too!

Uncommon Goods

6. West Elm

Categories| Throws, Baskets, Pillows, Frames and More

West Elm is an ethical and Sustainable Home Decor goods leader and was the first home retailer to join Fair Trade USA in 2014. All materials are recycled, green guard-certified and FSC certified, better cotton certified, and more.

Plus, you can rapidly sort your shopping according to your values, whether you are looking for fair trade, certified nontoxic, handcrafted, or locally made,

West Elm

7. Obakki

Categories| Textile, Dining Baskets, Decor, Textiles, Rugs

We possess Obakki’s Sustainable Home Decor goods collection- their outstanding pieces! From their stunning Japanese totem candles to these handwoven baskets, to this Italian glassware collection, to these naturally dyed baskets, every Sustainable Living Spaces  product is made by their artisan partners in small batches.


8. The Citizenry

Categories| Mobile, Vases, Baskets, Wall Hangings, Prints, Mirror

The professional team of citizenry travels to every country where their Sustainable Home Decor goods are made to establish sustainable relationships with artisans and use only local materials. But by cutting the middle man and doing this themselves, they can provide high-quality crafted, slowly handmade goods at more affordable prices than traditional luxury boutiques.

The Citizenry

9. Folks & Tales

Categories| Napkins and Placemats, Throw Pillows, Towels, Bath Mats, Rugs

Motivated by ancestral craftsmanship, each Sustainable Home Decor product from folk & tales tells a particular story through its special design and the hands of the artisan who carefully crafted it. Every precious (and practical) product for this brand is handmade from 100% natural and high-quality material.

Folks & Tales

10. Tulias Artisan Gallery

Categories| Baskets, Ornaments, Mobiles

This woman-owned Chicago-based brand showcases high-quality Colombian craftsmanship by collaborating with master artisans who strengthen and preserve Colombia’s diverse cultures. With their artisans, they use fair trade practices, essentially indigenous and Afro Colombians internally displaced in Colombia.

Tulias Artisan Gallery

11. EarthHero

Categories| Holiday Decorations, Blankets, Candles, Artwork, and Pillows.

EarthHero is a Sustainable Home Decor online marketplace where you can find everything you may require daily, including a fantastic selection of substantial home Decor sold by a conscious brand. We collect Sustainable Living Spaces products from EarthHero to support a certified B corporation that is also climate-neutral and a part of 1% for the planet!


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